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12 oz

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Detox based water with Cayenne Pepper, Raw Honey, Lemons, Lime 


Increases blood circulation  

Increase metabolism  

Targets stubborn belly fat 

Anti  Inflammatory

Appetite suppressor

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    All Water will be frozen upon shipping for preservation. Keep in the refrigerated. Dispose AFTER 6 days if not consumed.




    Feel Free to Screenshot, well I kind of recommend it.

    Detoxing consists of consuming fluids or food to flush toxins from your body. Flushing includes needing FLUIDS to create a consistent flow of Piss, you will piss a lot…Like pregnant lady pee.

    Drinking water is important do so. I also recommend drinking a detox and or green tea as well. While remaining from fried, carved, salted, sugared items, make it count. You cannot expect optimal results if you do so.

    It’s like you cleaning up your house but you have 3 kids right behind you, with toys, snacks, and disruption of the process. It’s you, you’re the kid lol. Look into food substitutes or even my smoothie prep.

    I offer the recipe to be sent to you and you will have it for forever usage. Stay focused and feel free to follow me and subscribe for more tips.

Alternative Sizes
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